Platform as a Service

Cloud enabled trading infra and platform available as a Service

Specialized on-demand IT infrastructure and application management solutions for Brokerages




Rent not own

Zero fixed CAPEX on in-house hosting of Servers & Datacentre. Benefit from our variable pay per use compute pricing & competitive monthly rentals

Capacity planning outsourced

With on tap IT infrastructure you pay for usage and get the ability to scale up or down as per need, without incurring fixed costs


Hybrid architecture

A combination of Public & Private cloud architecture brings you the best of both worlds with on-demand scalability and an elastic platform that provides you the most cost-efficient solution, giving you a competitive edge

Expert Facility Management Services

2 decades of deep domain knowledge helps ODIN deliver specialized capital markets Facilities Management Services Security Assurance.  We offer best- in- class security in the form of biometric access control system, surveillance cameras, 24X7 patrolling etc


Economies of Scale

With our massive infrastructure for capital markets, we can deliver lower variable costs


Unparalleled Support

Application health monitoring dashboards, incident & utilization reports, periodic service reviews & assured TATs.


bts feature

Team of Application, Hardware, Networking and Database Management Experts helping to achieve near zero trading downtime

24 X 7 operation to cater to all domestic Market segments (Equities, Currency and Commodities)


Handle BOD/EOD processes, monitoring of application and servers, exchange links, release management, assistance in mock participation and exchange approvals

Regular housekeeping activities to ensure optimum use of Server/DB resources and improve application uptime

Preventive Maintenance – Automated tools and scripting to do timely health check of application and infrastructure


Regular Performance enhancement and tuning

Monthly incident and bandwidth utilization report

Backup of each component to ensure near zero downtime with periodic mock drills

Multiple ISPs available to ensure seamless business continuity



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