Value add services and compliance products for Brokerages.

How Connector Works if you are a

Brokerage firm


Connect seamlessly to the multiple Fintech players, with single deployment


Get access to the largest selection of Fintech 


Widen product offering to new & existing clients: acquire more, engage more, retain more & earn more


Increase Broking Touchpoints by routing trades from multiple fintech platforms to You


Power multi-broker (connector)

Power multi-broker execution, with single point ODIN Connector integration 

Get access to largest selection of Broker in India


Not only execute, but also get trade info back for complete life cycle management, deeper client engagement and more revenue opportunities

Cutting edge technology

Enables complete range of Fintech Players – Thematic, Basket, Strategy, Algo, Content driven, Single Scrip,  Robo Advisory, Advisory and more

Trusted by good businesses

Sandip Raichura

Prabhudas Liladher


We  at PL India have been on ODIN’s Connector platform for some time now. As a platform it has enabled us to integrate easily with upcoming fintechs in Trading and Investing Space  seamlessly and at scale. With this partnership we are able to offer a wide variety of products to our clients on our “Strategy  Shop” using ODIN Connector.

We are really happy to have ODIN as our technology partner, helping us server our clients better and eagerly look forward to upcoming innovations!

Rohith Lokareddy

North East Brokering 


We are very pleased with the way ODIN connector has made it seamless to trade via any fintech platform and/or through the use of API’s. They have taken all our feedback from the initial days of the product and today have gone above and beyond what we even expected from the functionalities of the final product. I really appreciate the hard work put in by the ODIN connect team especially during the pandemic time to build this new age product.


Arindam Ghosh



Our partnership with ODIN is high value accretive and enduring – providing investors frictionless & seamless journey right from advice to fulfillment in just a few clicks. “ The ODIN connector enables rapid scale up of broker partnerships through single point integration. It’s a delight to be associated with the amazingly innovative team at ODIN – wishing them all the best for their existing & new initiatives. 

Harsh Agarwal


I would like to take some time to share feedback on our integration with ODIN Connect. I am happy to report that the team at RAIN has become increasingly comfortable and confident about ODIN Connect through the past 2-3 months. While the initial days were marred by teething problems, the fix’s have worked well and we can now safely report a null failure rate for two months in a row. The reason I am sharing this with you’ll is because such low failure rates have not been seen even with the more vintage API enabled brokers. Keep up the good work and let us know how we can further strengthen our technical back and forth and scale the relationship. 

A centralised software based call management and recording with cloud based archival and retrieval

voice logger



Facilitates centralised software-based recording of all telephonic business interactions, be it transactions, service or sales calls


It helps in achieving mandatory regulatory compliance and fraud prevention by ensuring complete traceability of the telephonic conversations




User friendly UI & UX and compatibility with EPABX, PRI & SIP channels.


There is an easy click to call interface for agents

Detailed meta tagging & cloud storage of recording for ease of retrieval even from unregistered numbers.


The extensive user management features of the product help in detailed mapping with hunting and rerouting capabilities

Simple searchability, live monitoring and traceability of live calls and recordings.

Voice cast

A web based, multilingual, automated outbound voice messaging SERVICE



Save costs of manual calls


Increase sales productivity by automating repetitive calling activities


Derive higher calling ROI using targeted voice messages and lower AHT


Remove human biases and achieve consistent messaging


The system works 24/7 without the need for breaks, incentives or rewards


Cloud based secure storage with detailed meta tagging & on demand retrieval


Web based portal to analyze calling campaign results



Powered by an advanced Text to Speech engine which converts any text to well-modulated near human voice messages in English and Hindi

Automated call-outs with scheduling facility, for multiple business uses:

Margin calls during market hours

Transaction confirmation and consent recording

Reminder for SIP payments, renewals, upcoming payments and more

Business offers & new product launch calls

Engage customers by wishing customers on birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and more

Disseminate customized research to targeted investment ideas

Email facility and SMS integration to send out alerts to customers who didn’t respond to calls

Can send out pre-recorded messages



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