Trading APIs

Our full suite Trading APIs facilitate complete trading life cycle.
They power a supercharged trading experience.


APIs available for


App Developers






Retail Traders

The API Suite

Developer APIs

Developer APIs facilitate creation of web & mobile trading apps.

connector api

Connector APIs

Connector APIs facilitate seamless integration Of FinTechs (publishers) with multiple Brokerages

B2C Api


B2C APIs facilitate building & automation of single client trading strategies


Market Feed APIs

Socket based APIs delivering ultra-low latency, real time streaming market feed & order response data.

User Management API

Helps in real time syncing of Data between 63 moons powered front office systems with any back office.


Notification APIs​

Helping You push in-app notifications and broadcast recommendations/ messages, to front end platforms

Dealer APIs

Dealer APIs facilitate creation & execution of multi-client trading strategies



Get instant access to the rich ecosystem of PG  integrations with aggregators & Banks.



OMEX APIs give you real time access to order & trade data which can be harvested to power analytics

API Highlights


End to End trade life cycle – Our trading APIs help you authenticate, get market feed,  place order, get order/trade response, get margin, holdings & positions, facilitate payments & more


Cloud REST APIs with standard documentation & help files making them easily consumable. Multiple Language supported.


Socket based APIs for handling ultra-low-latency streaming broadcast (market feed) and order response data


Backed by class leading, proven Order & Risk Management systems, capable of managing any scale at very high throughputs


Supports all segments & order types including complex orders like stop loss, bracket, good till date, MTF etc.


App development services to help you create your unique trading app experiences


App SDKs available for integrating Broking functionalities into investment super-apps.


Rich ecosystem: Content, PG integration, User Management, Analytics & Onboarding APIs. Multiple Fintech players associated with us 

Our APIs Power

Discount-Broking Trading Apps



Astha Flow


Full-Service Trading Apps


BP Wealth​


Choice FinX

Globe capital


Religare Dynami


Fintech Partners


Some common Questions.

Ans.- API Stands for application programming interface, APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they are implemented. For example, imagine a ticket distributing agency. The ticket distributor could give its customers a cloud app that lets agent check availability with the distributor. This App could be expensive to develop and require long development time and ongoing maintenance.

Ans.- Trading APIs allows to integrate your own trading system (Mobile app, web trading platforms, Your Algo strategies, excel sheets, third party strategy platforms, etc) with 63 moons powered Broker trading engines.

Ans.- With the help of Trading APIs you can –
  1. User: This collection of APIs would help in user authentication flowwhich include:
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Registered/Change MPIN
    • Set/Change password.
    • Send /Verify OTP
    • Register/Delete/Verify TOTP
    • Get User Details
  2. Order: This section provided to information of API calls to do the order management
    • Place/Modify/Cancel Order
    • Place /Modify/Cancel Cover Order
    • Place /Modify/Cancel Bracket Order
    • Place /Cancel Multileg-spread Order.
    • Place /Modify/Cancel/Pause/Resume EQ SIP Order
    • Cancel /Square All orders.
    • Order Book /Order history
    • GTD Order Book /Order history
    • Equity SIP /Multileg order book
    • Brokerage and charges Page
    • Get order margin info.
  3. Portfolio: This section provided to information of API calls to fetch open position and holding detail of user as uploaded by member in System.
    • Position
    • Position Conversion
    • Position Conversion Inquiry
    • Holdings
  4. Market: This set of calls allows the user to fetch the market related information, Scrip wise/Sector wise News, events, Corporate Action & IPO.
  5. EDIS: This section would allow to fetch the complete information on EDIS requests made.
  6. Margin Pledge: Margin Pledge is a process in which users can pledge their stocks to the broker in return for a collateral margin that can be utilized for trading.
  7. IPO: This section provides the API calls to fetch the complete information about current, upcoming, and closed IPOS.
  8. Scrip info: This section provides the API calls to fetch the Scrip details and security information.
  9. Balance: This section provides the API calls to get the information on Fund Balances.
  10. Fund: This section provides API calls to add funds, withdraw funds, get the Funds transaction related information like Bank details, UPI Details, purchase power, etc..
  11. Message: This section provides the API calls to fetch the details of various Messages Flashed in the system.
  12. Price Feed: The Price Feed API allows to get price feed from broadcast server.
  13. Real time streaming: This streaming feature is only meant for receiving real-time “Order & Trade responses”. All other features (order placement, order modification, portfolio details, etc.) need to be implemented using their respective APIs covered in the previous sections.
Ans.- 1. B2C API for retail traders 2. Dealer APIs for sub brokers/ dealers 3. Connector APIs for FinTechs wanting to connect with 63 moons powered Brokerages 4. Developer APIs for building mobile & web trading applications.
Ans.- The following order types are available.
  1. Market Order
  2. Limit Order
  3. Stop Limit Order
  4. Stop Market Order
  5. Bracket Order
  6. Cover Order
  7. GTD Order
  8. Equity SIP Order
Ans.- One need to go on brokers site and register himself, After Registration one can Get API Token OR Key. This API key Will help to get connect API Facility with his Setup. To understand API Response, parameter, and errors one can download API document, get familiar with API.
Ans.- An API key is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user or application to access an API. It is created by ODIN System and must be included in every API request to authorize access to protected resources.
Ans.- API Session is dependent on the validity provided by the Brokerage firm with maximum limit of 1 trading day.

Ans.- Yes. Market Feed API is available with B2C, Dealer & Developer API

Ans.- All REST APIs are request-response based. We also provide order/trader response messages on socket. All real-time streaming data like market feed are available on sockets in real time.
Ans.- Yes, API is available for Place orders and get order status.
Ans.- You can download segment wise scrip master file from the URL provided in the API document.
Ans.- You Don’t require any specific hardware to run API, Basic internet and hardware configuration is enough.
Ans.- The API document has the sample request and response structures which can act as User guide.
Ans.- You can test API by using postman collection available in API Document
Ans.- The errors with respect to the use of APIs, sending wrong parameters, API key, user credentials etc. are mentioned in the API document. If you are facing issues connecting to the API themselves or have stopped receiving responses from APIs which were working earlier. Follow below steps for troubleshooting.
  • Check if you have Working internet connection on the machine from which APIs are being called.
  • Check the Proxy settings in the machine.
  • Verify if the API endpoints entered in your program/software/code have changed for any reason.
  • Verify that none of the API parameters are being sent incorrectly.
  • Verify API method (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) are being used properly.
  • In case all the above are proper please Contact Broker to more troubleshooting.
Ans.- Any person with trading domain knowledge and basic coding skills in Python, JavaScript (NodeJS) can start using APIs. People with advanced skills in C# or Java can write fairly complex systems and Front ends using the APIs.
Ans.- It is REST API and can be consumed in any programming languages.

Ans.- eDIS and pledging of holdings is available in the Developer APIs. It is not available in B2C and Dealer APIs.

Ans.- Yes, API allow to modify orders.
Ans.- Yes, You can login simultaneously login to Mobile, web application along with API
Ans.- Yes one can write own strategies based on our trading APIs. Our APIs cover end to end trade lifecycle making it easy for you to build nad automate your trading strategies. You can code your strategy in any language of your preference and consume market feed to trigger your strategies and trigger your trade using our APIs