Trading Core

Two decades of delivering powerful trading technology enabling seamless trading for millions


  • Seamless inter-segment trading
  • Stable, robust, easy to use with fast order execution capability
  • Common dealing desk for multiple exchanges, multiple assets & multiple segments
  • Real-time price and position information with complete trade and system audit trail
  • Integrated application serving a wide variety of users
  • Real-time connectivity to exchange and back-office system
  • Comprehensive multi-tier risk management across exchanges and segments
  • Customizable views at all levels, extensive search and filtering options


High Powered Order Management Systems
Fix Adapters
Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions
Enterprise Risk Management
Surveillance Module
Security And Disaster Recovery, HA Switch

High Powered Order Management Systems


  • Integrated Market Watch, Arbitrage Watch and Derivatives Chain
  • Smart Order Routing
  • DMA, One touch and algo orders
  • Spread and Multi-Leg Order Entry
  • Combined Best Five
  • Market Watch in Excel
  • Grab Analysis
  • Basket Trading
  • Grid Order Entry
  • Bulk Order Entry
  • Dynamic Portfolio

Fix Adapters

  • 24x7 availability for In-bound Orders
  • Supports In-Bound and Out-Bound Messages
  • Supports Care, DMA, One-Touch as well as Algo Orders
  • Ability to interface with proprietary In-house FIX based applications
  • Global FIX Network Connectivity: Bloomberg, Marco Polo, Fidessa, Reuters

Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions

  • 132+ Pre and Post trade Risk Checks
  • Robust Rule-based Risk Management Solutions
  • Rule-based Client Risk Preferences
  • Product-wise Scrip Basket Template
  • Template-based Quantity & Value Limit
  • Timer-based and Risk-based Auto Square off
  • Value based Selling for Risk Management Solutions
  • Online Collateral Revaluation
  • Flexible Risk-based Alerts
  • Expression Builder

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Real time margin monitoring for all clients across platforms and exchange terminal
  • Client level risk assessment in the equity and derivatives segment
  • Compare client deposits with required margins by exchanges
  • Suggestions on whether to accept/reject trades based on parameters
  • Clearing Member monitor risk monitoring in terms of margins, mark to market and position limits
  • Report builder to build custom reports

Surveillance Module

  • Extensive Multi-admin support and multi-user management
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring: Gross Exposure, Margin Limits, etc.
  • Product-wise/ Client-wise Brokerage inclusion in Margin
  • Template-based Quantity and Value Limit check
  • Risk Alerts
  • Offline Admin Option
  • Collateral Management
  • Template-based Client Risk Preferences
  • Template based Quantity and Value Limit check
  • Auto Update for New Version and Binaries rollout
  • Panic Withdrawal Facility and Facilities Management
  • Allowed and banned lists for various investor categories


  • In-memory processing
  • Componentised deployment
  • Optimised Bandwidth Utilisation
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • High performance multi-threaded components
  • Ultra-low latency adapters and gateways
  • Very high order throughput per instance

Security And Disaster Recovery

  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • Remote DR support
  • HA Switch (High Availability Solution)

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