Trader Workstation - Institutional

Enabling best execution capabilities for institutional dealers


Trade execution
Trade execution
  • Turbo-charged trading experience
  • Multiple order types with intuitive order entry
Unlimited Access
Unlimited Access
  • Multiple asset classes, segments & international exchanges supported
  • Unlimited Cross-asset MarketWatch
Managed Risk
Managed Risk
  • Pre-configured Risk checks to empower dealers for operating efficiently
  • Manage not only multiple retail clients, but also high volume algo-trading
Informed Decision making
Informed Decision making
  • Data driven decision making. Fundamentals, technical, news & Client informatics
  • Point in time context driven delivery of content for dealer enablement


Market Feed
Order Management
Algorithmic Orders
Institutional Dealer
Fix Gateway
Decision Support Tools
Multiple Product Types

Market Feed

  • 20+ Market Segments
  • Integrated Market Watch, Arbitrage Watch and Derivatives Chain
  • Market Watch in Excel
  • Combined Best Five
  • Grab Analysis

Order Management

  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Bulk Order Entry
  • Basket Trading
  • Spread and Multi-Leg Order Entry
  • Grid Order Entry

Algorithmic Orders

  • TWAP+, VWAP+
  • Iceberg
  • Volume Trigger
  • POV
  • Implementation Shortfall
  • Price Range Participation
  • Guerrilla*
  • Price Slicing Algo , Arbitrage Algo
  • Quote ST
  • Pair 2L
  • Spread Arbitrage , Options Based Algos
  • IV Arbitrage, IV Hit
  • IV Quote, Quote ST+

Institutional Dealer

  • Parent Child mapping
  • Auto slicing of order
  • Deal Slip generation
  • Value Based order
  • Block Order Release
  • Routing/Recall and Reassign capabilities
  • Sales Trader Module for order allocation and live tracking
  • Customisable tabbed view for enhanced trading efficiency
  • Notice of Execution (NOE) for All orders

Fix Gateway

  • 24x7 Fix gateway with Global fix compatibility
  • Session times in sync with multiple time zones
  • One Touch Algo via FIX Gateways
  • Post Trade Allocation via Fix

Decision Support Tools

  • Expiry Strategy
  • Greek Neutraliser and Greek Market Watch
  • Spread Arbitrage Watch
  • Advanced Charting
  • Expression Builder
  • Condition Generator
  • News & Corporate action
  • Recommendations
  • Screeners
  • Alerts & Scanners

Multiple Product Types

  • Margin/ Intra-day
  • Delivery
  • Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST)
  • Margin Trade Funding (MTF)
  • Margin Plus (Cover order)
  • Bracket Order

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