The market leading single window post-trade transaction processing service, providing a common central platform of interaction for investment managers, broker/dealers & custodian


  • Automate transaction confirmation & settlement
  • Single window confirmation platform
  • ISO 15022 Standardized file format
  • Unified data formats across sources
  • Data tracking ease across market participants
  • Seamless online flow leading to faster settlements
  • Inbuilt data segregation leading to security
  • Single window monitoring of settlement processing


Custody Dashboard
Broker dashboard
Fundhouse dashboard
Increased operational efficiency

Single Window Post-trade transaction processing

  • Automates trade lifecycle events across multiple (Equity & Derivative) asset classes
  • Common Platform for transaction settlement for Investment Managers, Broker, Dealers and Custodian
  • Electronic trade confirmation
  • Same-day trade confirmation
  • Drastically lowers risk and cost of failed trade confirmation

Delivering delight

  • Increased efficiency and decreased operational risk and costs as the post trade life cycle is standardized
  • It follows a standard process flow based on ISO 15022 standard File format along with digital signature
  • 95% of the Indian Market participants are connected to STP-Gate platform
  • Plug and play solution for Investment managers- Switching ON the STP-Gate solution at Investment Manager end gives them instant access to standardized pre-set formats & integration with 95% of the Indian equity market participants

Streamline post-trade operations

  • Real-time communication of trade & Settlement confirmations, and affirmations
  • Real-time Status update
  • Eliminates errors that exist in manual and verbal communications
  • Standardize file format and process

Increased operational efficiency

  • The flow of data and file format is standardized
  • Eliminates delays that can lead to increased risk of failed trades and higher costs
  • Centralizes data
  • Minimizes back-office costs & duplication of efforts

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