Smart Diet & Smart Dealer

360° view for Smarter Client Engagement

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ODIN SMART Diet a 360° investor trading terminal with all trading enablers on a Single SMART Screen


  • Intuitive trading and ODIN’s assurance of seamless and lightning fast trade execution
  • Comprehensive portfolio view across asset classes with P&L
  • Actionable  research with trade execution ability
  • Announcements, news and corporate actions with scrip based and sector based searchability
  • Advanced Charts
  • Investment product promotion on trading screen
  • Analysis tools like scrip related fundamental data & screeners to take informed decisions
  • Trading power snapshot with pay-in/payout details

SMART Dealer a new-age dealing terminal with all client-trade & Investment related information delivered on a single SMART screen


  • Multiplies revenue per client engagement
  • Makes dealers smarter & productive by enabling smarter & meaningful dealer-client interactions
  • Reduces average customer interaction time and increases revenue per engagement
  • Promote standardization & compliance with organization approved content and workflows
  • Power investment product distribution from within the dealing terminal
  • Super fast context switching and info delivery for quickly addressing multiple client’s queries
  • Cutting edge web technology deployed

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