Mutual Fund

Enables investors to carry out SIP, Purchase, STP, Redemption, Switch, SWP transactions


  • Make MF purchases from ODIN Client, Diet, HTML5, Wave & Aero
  • MFI & MFD mode of investment available
  • Directly place order with the Exchange via BSE Star MF
  • Intuitive scheme search, with performance and other filters
  • Scheme details like AUM, performance, composition & more
  • Current and forthcoming New Fund Offers
  • Registration and tracking of SIP mandates & investment history
  • Portfolio-holding view with sector, market, fund type, AMC & more
  • Invest in all available MF schemes, in physical or DEMAT mode
  • Brokers can display and promote preferred MF scheme-list


MF Watch
Scheme Information
MF Order Book


  • Detailed portfolio-holding view with sector, market, fund type, AMC & company insights
  • Initiate orders directly from MF Holding

MF Watch

  • Schemes can be added by Users in MF Watch List and brokers can promote preferred MF investments using pre-defined watchlist function
  • NFO (New Fund Offers) Watchlist comprises of Current and Forthcoming NFO's
  • MF watch list in HTML / WAVE comprises of system defined profiles and user defined profiles.

Scheme Information

  • View scheme performance of selected scheme for different time frames from 1Week, to since inception.
  • View Scheme details like face value, scheme launch date, its market cap and AUM, Fund Manager details, Expense Ratio, Minimum Purchase/ Redeem Amount etc.
  • View Scheme Allocation based on Sector, Market or Company.

MF Order Book

  • MF order book for Purchase, Redeem & SWITCH orders
  • MF Systematic Order book for SIP, SWP and STP orders
  • Orders can be modified and cancelled from Order Books.
  • Options to view current orders and historic orders.

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