Remote Infra & Facilities Management Services

Specialized on-demand IT infrastructure and application management solutions for Brokerages


Rent not Own
Rent not Own
  • Zero fixed CAPEX on in-house hosting of Servers & Datacentre. Benefit from our variable pay per use compute pricing & competitive monthly rentals
Expert Facility Management Services
Expert Facility Management Services
  • 2 decades of deep domain knowledge helps ODIN deliver specialized capital markets Facilities Management Services
  • Security Assurance - We offer best in class security in the form of biometric access control system, surveillance cameras, 24X7 patrolling etc
Capacity planning outsourced
  • With on tap IT infrastructure you pay for usage and get the ability to scale up or down as per need, without incurring fixed costs
Economies of Scale
  • With our massive infrastructure for capital markets, we can deliver lower variable costs


Infra & Facility

Infra & Facility

  • Team of Application, Hardware, Networking and Database Management Experts helping to achieve near zero trading downtime
  • 24 X 7 operation to cater to all domestic Market segments (Equities, Currency and Commodities)
  • Handle BOD/EOD processes, monitoring of application and servers, exchange links, release management, assistance in mock participation and exchange approvals
  • Regular housekeeping activities to ensure optimum use of Server/DB resources and improve application uptime
  • Preventive Maintenance - Automated tools and scripting to do timely health check of application and infrastructure
  • Regular Performance enhancement and tuning
  • Monthly incident and bandwidth utilization report
  • Backup of each component to ensure near zero downtime with periodic mock drills
  • Multiple ISPs available to ensure seamless business continuity

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