Decision support systems for informed decision making

Advanced Charts
Advanced Charts
Advanced Charts
Advanced Charts

Advanced Charts

  • Exhaustive list of widely used indicators with comprehensive Study Manager
  • Multi Scrip, Multi Period analysis using chart synchronization
  • Complete strategy design including Profits, SL, TSL and No Activity
  • Advanced price style charts including Renko, Kagi, Point & Figure etc
  • Price and time based drawing tools like Gann Fan, Tyrone levels, Quadrant Lines etc
  • Scan block deals, bulk deals with additional conditions using Advance Tick Watch
  • Auto load strategies with buy sell signals and indicators plotting
  • Complete back-test functionality with detailed reports, analysis and trade logs
  • Directly place orders from charts
  • Create simple to complex formula and alerts, based on Technical Indicators including Time-Neutral strategies
  • Build technical reports using export data and charts image with tools and indicators
  • Complete end user chart customization including price style, time, colors, indicators and strategies
  • Intraday vitals and pivot level on charts
Spread Arbitrage Watch

  • Create custom spread formulae
  • Monitor real time Spreads
  • Transact from same window
Combined Best Five

  • Real time market depth update
  • Use to enter orders in different exchanges
  • Single Window for Multi-Exchange Market Depth
Visual Options Analyser

  • Track Multiple Options Strategies Real time
  • Single click Multi leg order execution
  • Online tracking of Spread
Pivot Watch

  • Consolidated Pivot View of entire portfolio
  • Support/Resistance in a single watch
  • Customize Formulae to suit your needs
Grab Analysis

  • Check real time market impact of order
  • Analyze order execution & price as per market depth
  • Multiple Order types supported
Greek Neutralizer

  • calculates risk involved for overall positions based on underlying asset, volatility, time to expiration, etc.
  • Enables ‘What-if’ analysis to compute Delta, Gamma and Vega in different market scenarios.
Expiry Strategy

  • Track the real time Expiry price of a contract
Advanced Tick Watch

  • Real time tick watch to scan the market for preset conditions
Alerts and Scanner

  • Set Scrip wise and Portfolio wise
  • Set scrip and portfolio wise customized alerts

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