Get clients on-boarded and ready to transact in a matter of few minutes


Go Online
Go Online
  • Achieve end to end paperless onboarding
  • Carry out remote in-person verification
Go compliant
Go compliant
  • Eliminate fraudulent practices
  • Easy & tamper-proof archival and on-demand retrieval of documents
Increase Savings
Increase Savings
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Opportunity costs of sales and operations manpower
  • Save operations and logistics cost
Expand Reach
Expand Reach
  • Engage sales team in more productive activities
  • Have a wider geographical reach by eliminating In Person Verification



  • Integrability with multiple data sources: Government recognized ‘Know Your Customer’ authorities or Unique ID systems (like Aadhar, Social Security number etc.) for instantaneous client verification
  • Real time integration with front and back office systems for instant client code generation and transaction enablement
  • Supports Biometric authentication
  • Remote In-Person Verification via video conferencing
  • Digital signing of documents with encryption protection
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Tamperproof, cloud compatible, digital storage and retrieval of documents & data
  • Stage-wise tracking and revival of client on-boarding process with ageing reports

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