odin connector

How Connector Works

  • If you are a Brokerage firm
  • If you are Fintech
  • Connect seamlessly to the multiple Fintech players, with single deployment
  • Widen product offering to new & existing clients: acquire more, engage more, retain more & earn more
  • Increase Broking Touchpoints by routing trades from multiple fintech platforms to You
  • Get access to the largest selection of Fintech
  • No hassles of multiple technical integrations
  • Power multi-broker execution, with single point ODIN connector integration
  • Get access to largest selection of Broker in India
  • Not only execute, but also get trade info back for complete life cycle management, deeper client engagement and more revenue opportunities
  • Enables complete range of Fintech Players – Thematic, Basket, Strategy, Algo, Content driven, Single scrip, Robo advisory, Advisory and more